Citroen Releases C4 Aircross

The motoring press has published the first pictures of Citroen­s new C4 Aircross. The car joins the standard C4, C4 Picasso, Grand Picasso and DS4 in a range that is aimed at car buyers who want more space and a little bit of off-road capability from their cars.


The car was based on the Mitsubishi ASX and will compete directly with models such as the Nissan Qashqai and VW Tiguan. The entry-level model will only be available in front-wheel drive, but more expensive models all have a nifty switchable 4-wheel drive system.


The Aircross has a small toggle behind the gear lever allowing the driver to choose from one of three different modes. During normal road conditions the two-wheel drive system will provide better fuel consumption. The 4-wheel drive mode switches power and torque between the rear and front wheels to provide maximum traction. The third mode locks both axles and is for use in severe off-road conditions only.


The design of the Aircross has a lot in common with the C4 and DS4: the headlights are stepped, the grille has a slim, uncluttered appearance and the front end has a space-aged, rounded look. The partially blacked-out C-pillars were no doubt borrowed from the D5 and the vertical LED running lights give the car quite a unique appearance.


The interior is spacious and will seat 5 people in comfort.  The 442-litre boot is more than 20% bigger than that of the DS4.


Prepare for a price tag of around £16,000 when the Aircross becomes available about a year from now.

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