Corporate Sector Needs to Improve Road Safety

While road casualties in the United Kingdom fell by as much as six per cent last year, that figure could be further improved if more companies accepted their responsibility to improve the road standard of their employees.

Graham Hurdler, the managing director of E-Training World, one of the leading training and online fleet risk assessment companies in the United Kingdom, says that a modest investment now can help to save lives in the future, noting that making a commitment to such a duty of care also helps to reduce fleet operating costs in the long term.

"Everyone wants to see casualty rates come down even further," Hurdler notes", and there are many companies and organisations playing a very active role in this, as are the motor manufacturers in developing ever-safer vehicles.  However, as a fleet management risk specialist we still come across many companies week in, week out who say that they cannot afford to implement road safety measures for their fleet even though by reducing accidents they are also reducing their fleet operating costs."

Hurdle believes that many company directors just do not take the time to add up the financial benefits of improving the skills of their drivers, with evidence proving that better driving skills results in less accidents, but also cuts down on knocks and scrapes on fleet vehicles as well as minimising driver downtime and removing the need for replacement vehicles or day hire.

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