Customers Value Franchised Service History

Before you sign on the dotted line for your next used car, consider this: new research by ICM Research shows that a complete service history can boost the resale value of a car by as much as 26%.


ICM's findings also support the view that a franchised dealer's service history carries greater weight with customers than that of an independent dealer.


According to the findings 34% of buyers would not even consider buying a car that does not come with a verifiable service history.


A service history from a franchised dealer might convince 68% of buyers to purchase a car, while only 32% of respondents felt the same about a car that has been serviced by an independent dealer.


Buying a used car with a service history from a franchised dealer and continuing with this practice while you own it could, therefore, mean extra money in your pocket the day you want to sell it.  ICM, in fact, says that on average it could add another £1,500 to the value of your car.


More than 2,000 adults took part in the survey, representing a broad sample of UK car owners.


Car owners will probably remember that Mazda was the first manufacturer to introduce 100% Digital Service Records (DSR) ± which the company claims is more difficult to falsify than traditional service records.


Mazda UK's After Sales Director, David Wilson-Green said 'Service histories can be falsified; but with an electronic service record it is very difficult to be fraudulent.

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