The Decade's Best Cars and Manufacturers Chosen

Ten years ago, in April 2002, Auto Express for the first time asked their readers to rate their vehicles in ten different categories.


Ten years later the company has received more than 300,000 responses, covering virtually every facet of owning a car.  They have now published a 35-page summary of the survey results for the past ten years, which makes for very interesting reading.


Some car manufacturers did very well, while others that were expected to do well, fared rather poorly.  The survey results have become an important source of information for car makers who want to improve their vehicles and service levels.


The results allowed Auto Express to choose the Manufacturer of the Decade, the Car of the Decade and also the Most Improved Manufacturer of the Decade.


Manufacturer of the Decade


It is one thing to get to the top for a single year - it is another thing to stay there for ten years.  Lexus was Britain's favourite car brand of the year in 2002 and during the next ten years, it ended up on top another seven times, making it the top manufacturer of the decade.


Car of the Decade


This honour, perhaps surprisingly, did not go to a Lexus.  Instead the Jaguar XF received the award.  It was one of only four cars to consistently receive owner ratings of more than 90%.


The prize for the Most Improved Manufacturer of the Decade went to Hyundai - mainly thanks to their remarkable i30 model, which has been a hit with owners.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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