EcoFlex Technologies to Benefit Both Opel and Vauxhall

In an effort to reduce emission levels and fuel consumption, General Motors has decided to introduce its ecoFlex technologies to its whole range of Opel/Vauxhall vehicles.


The 2012 Astra, for example, will offer two models featuring ecoFlex technology.  Both of them will be 1.7-litre CDTI diesel engines - one producing 96kW/130bhp and the other one 81kW/110bhp.  Maximum torque will be either 300Nm or 180Nm.


Both will be five-door models with CO2 emission levels of 99gram/kilometre and fuel consumption of 64 miles per gallon.  Features include a high performance battery, stop/start technology, a heavy duty starter and low rolling resistance tyres.


From next year the Corsa will also add two ecoFlex models to the existing 1.3-litre CDTI that is already available.  Interested prospective buyers will be able to choose either a 1.2-litre or a 1.4-litre ecoFlex engine.  Both will be equipped with heavy duty starters, low resistance tyres, high performance batteries and start/stop systems.


Thanks to the new start/stop system the 1.2-litre's fuel economy has been improved to 44 miles per gallon, while CO2 emission levels will now only be 119gram/kilometre.


The third model that will benefit from ecoFlex technology is the Meriva, which will now also come with the option of a 1.3-litre CDTI EcoFlex model offering CO2 emission levels of 109g/km and fuel consumption of 49 miles per gallon.


A new EcoFlex version of the Agila will be available from November and the flagship Insignia model will soon offer a 1.4-litre ecoFlex turbo engine with CO2 emission levels of 134gram/kilometre and fuel consumption of 41 miles per gallon.

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