Electric Car Battery Price Shock

Most UK motorists are hardworking people and it would be safe to say that most of these people are prepared to give green technology a chance, but they are also faced by budget constraints and they cannot be expected to carry the brunt of the cost of alternative technology.


This is why the announcement by Andy Palmer, UK Senior Vice President of Nissan, has come as such a shock to most of us.  According to Palmer the total replacement cost of a Nissan Leaf battery could come close to £20,000.  We are sure he is well aware of the fact that this is more than the cost of a brand new diesel car.


He explained that the Leaf hatch runs on a lithium-ion battery consisting of 48 modules - each one will cost more than £400 to replace.  A Leaf owner is thus looking at a total replacement cost of between £19,000 and £20,000 - which is more than the list price of a new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion.


The Japanese car manufacturer has also revealed for the first time that the capacity of these batteries will start declining rapidly after five years.  According to Nissan's own calculations the car's driving range will drop from 100 miles to less than 80 miles after five years.


The company also waited until now to reveal that the battery cell's five-year warranty will not cover "degradation."


How Nissan's announcement is going to affect the sales of new Leafs and the resale value of existing cars remains to be seen.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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