Electric Cars Might not Satisfy Motorists

A new survey seems to indicate that, while many people are interested in electric cars, not so many would be willing to actually buy one.


The survey was carried out by Deloitte among more than 13,000 car owners across 17 countries.  According to the results, current electric cars will not meet the expectations of the majority of car buyers.  The main reason is that the majority of motorists are not willing to compromise on price and certain vital performance criteria.


In the U.S., for example, nearly one out of every eight motorists indicated that they were prepared to be "first movers" and buy an electric vehicle.  A further 42% indicated that they "might be willing" to buy or lease an electric car.  Most of them, however, would base their final decision on purchase price, convenience and range - considerations they ranked as either "very important" or "extremely important."


Range remains the single biggest obstacle with 37% requiring a range of more than 300 miles - although the vast majority of respondents said they drove less than 50 miles on the average weekday.


According to the survey consumers also wanted faster battery charge times.  Fifty-eight percent of U.S. motorists want a recharge time of less than two hours and a significant 25% want this to be less than 30 minutes.


The final obstacle is price: more than 50% of respondents (65% in the U.S.) expressed their unwillingness to pay a premium for an electric car.

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