Electric Cars Will Force Businesses to Improve Planning

According to CFC Solutions, electric cars will force firms to reconsider the way they plan journeys. The limited range of electric vehicles means that for now they will not be useful to most fleet owners, but their arrival will nevertheless cause a revolution in the way businesses think about transport.


The managing director of CFC Solutions, Neville Briggs, says: ¬Electric vehicles are likely to have only a minor role on fleets in the short-medium term because of their short range. However, the range issue does start to prompt some interesting questions.®


He added that the limited range of electric vehicles will force fleet managers to rethink every individual journey, which will have a positive effect on fleet management.


He also expressed the view that the whole fleet management system could undergo a fundamental shift in thinking during the process. Whereas firms currently seldom impose strict constraints on their transport departments, they could in future exercise more control over these departments to eliminate longer journeys wherever possible.


The lower running cost and tax benefits associated with electric vehicles will, over time, make them a very attractive alternative for many companies. These companies could, for example, decide to keep a fleet of electric vehicles and only use them for shorter journeys.


While fuel-driven vehicles will still be necessary for longer journeys, proper planning will be needed to restrict these journeys to the absolute minimum.


In this regard, Briggs specifically mentioned the use of conference calling to replace journeys where the use of electric vehicles is not viable.

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