Elektromotive Urges Government to Extend car Grant Scheme

If you could get a discount of £5,000 when buying your next car, would this affect your choice of motor vehicle?  Apparently not.  When the government announced its grant programme for plug-in vehicles in January 2011 it budgeted for 8,000 car buyers to make use of the grants.  So far this year, however, only 786 UK car buyers opted to buy an electric car using the £5,000 grant on offer.


The government will review the whole programme early in 2012, but Chancellor George Osborne might well make an announcement regarding its future much earlier.


Elektromotive manufactures charging points.  The Brighton-based company, therefore, has a vested interest in the plug-in grant scheme continuing.  The company's MD has urged the government not to scrap the grant scheme at this stage.  It called the grant scheme a "crucial mechanism" that acts to encourage motorists to purchase low emission cars.


Calvey Taylor-Haw said that it was always a challenge to persuade consumers to buy into a new technology.  They often needed an incentive such as the grant scheme.


He added "With enough money left in the pot from this year, and valuable tax revenue accrued from each EV sale, the Government could easily continue to offer the remaining fund to those joining the electric revolution in 2012."


He also warned that although many motorists are aware of the environmental benefits and lower running costs of electric cars, terminating the grant now would most likely have a detrimental effect on EV sales during the next year.

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