Esk College Edinburgh Signs Deal With Inchcape

Edinburgh-based Jewel and Esk College has signed a 12-month contract with Inchcape Fleet Solutions in terms of which the company will supply them with four Mitsubishi iMiev cars for the duration of the agreement.


The purpose of the deal is to make the cars available to students who will conduct a range of studies over the next 12 months to assess the suitability of electric cars for use in the bigger Midlothian Council area in the future.


The Director of Enterprise and Innovation at the college, Steve Tinsley, said "The College was invited by Midlothian Council to monitor use of the cars across four sites over a 12-month period.  As part of the tests, we are hoping to create a better awareness of the electric vehicle."


Tinsley says they will also be conducting various training programmes and seminars relating to the best practice use of electric cars.


He added that, once the project was completed, the college would make its findings available to both the Midlothian Council and members of the general public.  If the project is successful, chances are good that it will be extended to other areas.


Richard Middleton of Inchcape responded by saying that this was their first electric car contract and that it was a wonderful milestone for the company.  It was, he added, a demonstration of the variety of vehicles the company could offer members of the public.


Inchcape will also display its electrical vehicles at GreenFleet in Scotland on the 1st September.

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