European Car Sales Show Increase in Third Quarter

The good news for car providers in Europe is that there has been a slight improvement in new car sales on the continent during the third quarter of 2011. The number of units sold went up by 1.4% to 3,087,348 although some countries fared much better than others in this regard.


According to the latest statistics published by JATO Dynamics, German car brands Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW remained strong throughout the third quarter, successfully weathering adverse economic conditions.


The biggest contributor to this increase was Germany, where car sales increased by no less than 11.6% to 779,157 units in Q3. All the other major economies actually showed a decline in sales, including the UK and France.


Continued economic woes in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy also caused sales in these markets to decline further during the same period. At 6.3% Italy showed the biggest drop in sales.


The Baltic region showed consistently strong growth in car sales. In fact Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania recorded increases of 58.5%, 60.4% and 62.6% respectively.


The vice president of JATO Dynamics, Gareth Hession, said 'This quarter's data clearly demonstrates the continued importance of growth markets and potential of regions such as the Baltics.'


Europe's leading car brand remains Volkswagen. The company sold more than 400,000 cars during the third quarter of 2011. Mercedes, BMW and Audi experienced sales increases of 4.4%, 6.3% and 14.2% respectively.


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