EV Car Battery Switching Might be the Answer

When motorists are asked why they don't switch to electric vehicles on a large scale, their answer often is that they are concerned about the range of electric cars and that the charging time is too long.

A possible answer is, of course, battery switching, rather than battery recharging.  Systems like this already exist in countries such as Denmark and Israel.  China is now also planning to adopt a similar system.


Better Place and China Southern Power Grid have joined forces to open what will be known as the Switchable Electric Car Experience Centre.  The centre is located in Pearl River New Town in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.


The facility will be 100% automated - the first one in the five provinces of Southern China.  There will also be three Better Place charging spots at the centre.  Guides will be available to assist visitors at the facility and reservations will be accepted through a customer service centre.


The two firms actually signed an agreement earlier this year for the development of EV infrastructure in China.  Battery switching and centralised electric vehicle charging form the core of their strategy.


China Southern Power Grid already has EV infrastructure agreements in place with cities such as Guizhou, Guangdong, Guangzi and other provinces.  There are currently 14 electric vehicle charging stations in the company's network.

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