First Hydrogen Filling Station Opened in the UK

Fancy getting a hydrogen-fuelled car?  This is no longer just a dream.  The Japanese car manufacturer Honda has become the first to open a public hydrogen filling station in the United Kingdom.  The aim of this move is to inject more life into the development of hydrogen-powered cars in this country.


The filling station is situated at the company's manufacturing plant in Swindon.  It is managed by the industrial gas company BOC.


According to the company it looks exactly like a regular filling station and it takes the same time to fill a car as with diesel or petrol.


A Honda spokesperson, Thomas Brachmann, said "Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the ultimate transport solution, meeting environmental demands but also delivering the range and performance that customers expect."


He added that the cooperation between infrastructure developers like BOC and car manufacturers like Honda on this project could be a blueprint for future projects.


BOC's Managing Director, Mike Huggon, said "This is the first commercial-scale, open-access station in the UK."


He expressed the opinion that the filling station proved that a hydrogen-powered transport system was a possibility.  To make it work across the UK as a whole, he said, cooperation between the Government and the private sector was vital.


The private sector, he added, can develop the necessary tools, but the Government has to put in place the required legal framework to create the low carbon infrastructure of the future.


The filling station is open to anybody who uses a hydrogen powered car.

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