Ford Announces More Efficient Engines

Ford has announced that the Ford Focus will soon be available with two engines that offer better fuel efficiency than current models.  This will be a Flexifuel engine that can utilize E85 fuel and a Ford PowerShift automatic that uses a dual dry-clutch system.


The dual dry-clutch version will be used in conjunction with a 125PS Duratec Ti-VCT 1.6-litre engine and a six-speed automatic gearbox using Ford PowerShift technology.  This will mean the end of the conventional four-speed automatic fitted with a torque converter, which we saw in previous Ford models.


Both fuel consumption and CO2 emission levels are said to be reduced, while the driving experience will also be more responsive.  CO2 emission levels have, in fact, been reduced by 19% and the car will now deliver 36.8 miles per gallon.


A PowerShift gearbox is based on a highly efficient manual transmission system.  It completely eliminates the complexity and weight of planetary gears, fluid pumps and torque converters, while the dual internal clutch system, which is electronically controlled, ensures that changing gears is smooth and fast.


The technology also incorporates a number of "intelligent" features such as low-speed driving mode, hill start assist, clutch micro slip and neutral idle.


The Flexifuel version of the Ford Focus will allow owners to take advantage of E85 fuels.  The new model replaces the current 1.8-litre Focus and utilises the Duratec Ti-VCT petrol engine recently introduced by the company.


The Ford Focus Flexifuel will offer emission levels of 132g/km - another reason to feel a little less guilty about polluting the environment.

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