Ford Develops new Role for Plastic Bottles

If your car is always full of junk such as plastic bottles left there by the kids, you are most likely not happy about the situation.  You might, therefore, be quite sceptical if we told you that the new Ford Focus electric is full of plastic bottles.


Thankfully Ford has found a way to utilise these bottles that is both clean and friendly to the environment.


The company has announced that its first electric car will utilise REPREVE branded fibre in its seat fabrics - which is manufactured from a blend of recycled materials.  This makes Ford the first car manufacturer to use material produced by Unifi Inc, the world leader in sustainable textile solutions.


Every Ford Focus Electric that rolls off the production line will, in fact, contain at least 20 plastic bottles.


Ford's Chief Designer of Sustainable Materials, Carol Kordich, says there could hardly be a better choice than the new Focus Electric for this.  She went on to say "Not only does the use of this fabric in Focus Electric help reduce waste, it also helps to offset the need to produce new raw material from crude oil - a process that consumes precious energy and natural resources."


The 2012 Ford Focus Electric will have a range of about 100 miles - depending on various factors.  Its top speed of 84 mph should be sufficient for most drivers.  The 23khW lithium ion battery can be recharged in less than four hours using an ordinary 240v charging point.

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