Ford Focus to Offer Better Efficiency and Faster Charging

When Ford launches its fully electric Focus next year, it will have a better efficiency rating than the Nissan's Leaf.  The company says the car's rating will be close to 100MPGe.


The MPGe rating originated in the United States.  It was designed to give hybrid and electric cars an energy efficiency rating that could be compared to the MPG rating that is used for internal combustion cars.  The 'e' stands for "equivalent" not for "electric," as one might expect.


If Ford indeed manages to reach that magic 100MPGe rating it will be the first company to do so with a five-seater electric vehicle.  The current Nissan Leaf model has a 99MPGe rating and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV has a rating of 112MPGe.  The much smaller Chevrolet Volt has a 93MGPe rating in fully electric mode.


The Focus Electric is already available in the United States.  It will be launched in Europe and the UK in 2013.  It forms the first step in the company's electrification strategy that will eventually see five electric models being launched in Europe by 2013.


Ford also boasts that the Focus will have a much shorter recharge time than the Nissan Leaf.  The car's batteries will take only three to four hours to fully recharge using a standard 240V charge station.  The Leaf takes twice as long.

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