Ford Focus to Star in Major new Film

Those of you who signed up for their first car deal in the 70s will also no doubt remember the TV series The Sweeney.  The good news is that this series is going to be remade for the silver screen.  This time Jack Regan will be pursuing crooks in a Ford Focus ST.  In the TV series, of course, he drove a Ford Granada.


In the film version Jack Regan will be portrayed by Ray Winston.  The super-hot Ford Focus should go a long way to helping Regan maintain his hard-nosed reputation.  Who will ever forget Regan shouting "Shut it you slaaaaag!" as he coolly dealt with armed robbers?


The Focus ST was recently revealed for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  It is no doubt the hottest Ford Focus ever.  Its two-litre engine produces a powerful 247bhp, so one can expect some astonishing stunts once it reaches the big screen.


The car's reported 0-60mph acceleration time of six seconds should be more than enough to catch up with even the most powerful of getaway cars.


Ford, of course, had strong links with The Sweeney TV series in the 70s.  Regan and George Carter drove a series of Ford Cortinas, Ford Granadas and Consuls over the years.


A month ago six of the very first new Ford Focus ST models, all of them painted black, were delivered to the location where the film will be shot, together with a number of Ford Transits, Galaxys and Mondeos.

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