Ford Unveils Revolutionary Electric Bike

Normally motoring enthusiasts go to the Frankfurt Motor Show to see the latest trends in the automotive world before signing up for their next auto loan deal.  In a clear sign of exactly how much the world has changed, Ford revealed not only new car models at the show, but also its revolutionary new electric bike concept vehicle.

The prototype is at this stage just to show the world how Ford technological expertise can be translated into the world of two-wheeled vehicles.

The bike is manufactured from carbon and aluminium and the company claims the frame weighs a mere 2.5 kg.  It is powered by a motor built into the front wheel hub.  The lithium-ion battery is integrated into the frame of the bike.  The really good news is that one will be able to travel a full 85km (53 miles) when the battery has been fully charged.

The e-bike utilises technology borrowed from the Formula One world: a Magnetostriction sensor that converts kinetic energy into magnetic energy and vice versa.  This is reportedly the first time ever this technology has been used in the bicycle industry.  Sensors are used to measure the speed of the inner wheel-bearings and that information is then transferred to the electric motor, which is activated or deactivated as and when needed.

The e-bike’s top speed is 25 km/h and it only develops 350W of power at this stage – hardly groundbreaking, but who knows: within a few years we might see millions of these electric bikes on our cities’ roads.

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