Government Plans National Registry for EV Charging Points

Soon you will have one less excuse for not buying an electric car: the Government has decided it would make life easier for motorists if they knew exactly where electric car charging points were situated - hence their plans for a National Registry of Charging Points.


These plans were announced on Friday by Mark Prisk, the Business Minister, and Norman Baker, the Transport Minister. The central database of charging points will be easily accessible to the public - hopefully through the web as well. A Central White-list system is also in the pipeline, which will enable drivers to access all charging stations throughout the country without the need to sign up for new schemes every time they want to charge at a different charging point.



Mr Baker went on to say "We know there is public appetite out there for plug-in vehicles and as a government we're doing everything possible to make them a real option for both motorists and industry."


He added that this would hopefully rid motorists of many of the worries associated with electric car ownership, particularly those dealing with whether they will be able to reach their destination or not.


He also said that he was confident both private and public charge-point owners would support the new initiative, since it would benefit all of them if more motorists decided to change over to electric cars.


Both the database and the Central White-list will go live early in 2012.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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