High Fuel Prices Boosts Popularity of Carpooling

The meteoric rise in the cost of fuel over the past few years appears to have stimulated interest in carpooling (or lift-sharing as it is also known) across the country.


Leading car sharing website Liftshare says more people have signed up for membership in the past month than in the first two years of its existence.  The website was launched in 1998 and it took two years for its membership to reach 10,000.  During October 2011 alone nearly 11,000 new members signed up.


The founder of Liftshare, Ali Clabburn, ascribes the website's astronomical rise in popularity directly to high fuel prices.  He says "Petrol was 61p a litre when liftshare began, and as we've watched petrol prices steadily increase since then, we've also seen a steady growth in people wanting to share the cost of driving."


He added that an increasing number of employers are nowadays encouraging employees to share cars rather than drive on their own.


Sarah Maitland is one of the thousands of enthusiastic lift-sharers.  When asked to comment she said that car-sharing was a brilliant idea.  It allows you to save money and mileage on your car and to meet many new people.


The Liftshare network now has more than 475,000 members.  You can use the site to find other members regularly travelling the same route as you.

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