Honda Launches new Civic at Last

The last couple of months have been very quiet on the Honda front.  At least the company has now launched their long-awaited Civic at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


The new Honda will go on sale on the 3rd of January 2012 - nearly a year later than the company originally intended.


The Managing Director of Honda in the United Kingdom, David Hodgetts, said the launch of the new Civic was postponed as a result of the economic recession.  The decision was taken at the company's headquarters in Japan.


He said they took the decision to see whether the market would improve in the near future and added that he feels it was the right one, even though that meant the current model had to stay around for longer than five years.


Hodgetts also said "The car we have coming now is more efficient and has lower CO2 than what we would have seen a year ago."


According to Hodgetts, the new Civic, with its 150bhp power output and 110g/km emission levels would hit "all the right buttons" in the corporate market.


He acknowledged that the past year was a tough time for everyone.  The economic recession and the tsunami that followed the earthquake in Japan hit Honda as badly as it did other car manufacturers.  Their Japanese production facilities had been on half production for nearly five months but a week ago the Swindon plant went back to full production.  This is where the new Civic will be built.

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