Honda Running on Natural Gas Coming in 2012

Right now it­s virtually impossible to say who will eventually win the fight between alternative fuel vehicles and electric vehicles. Fifty years from now motorists might be mainly purchasing electric cars, or there might be barely an electric car in sight and alternative fuels might dominate the market. A scenario where both these alternatives gain acceptance among motorists is also a very real possibility.


Most car manufacturers realise this and they are pursuing both options until it becomes clearer which one, if any, will win the fight for the hearts, and pockets, of ordinary drivers.


The latest company to announce an alternative fuel vehicle is Honda. The company says its 2012 Civic Natural Gas model has entered the mass production phase at the Honda plant in Indiana.


The company plans an expanded network of certified Honda Civic Natural Dealers all over the United States. If everything goes according to expectations, this will result in strong demand for the vehicle and the production facilities will have to be ramped up. The company­s plant in Indiana is therefore preparing to increase its capacity from 100,000 to 200,000 per year to meet increased demand.


The 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas car will be the «cleanest­ internal combustion engine on US roads. It will also be the only natural gas model available to US retail car buyers. It will retail for around $26,000.


Honda plans to expand its current dealer network in the US from 72 to 200 in the next two years.

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