Honda to Debut NSX at Detroit Motor Show

Honda has announced that a brand new NSX sports car will be launched at next year's Detroit Motor Show.


The concept car will "represent the styling direction of Acura's super sports car" - the name under which it will be marketed in the USA.  When it arrives in the UK in 2013 it will use the NSX badge.


This announcement provides further confirmation that the second generation NSX project, which had to be postponed due to the recession, is about to be revived.  Honda originally developed a number of engine options for the car that was supposed to rival the Nissan GT-R, but the financial crisis had such a negative impact on the super-car market that the company did not proceed with the project at the time.


The new NSX will be fitted with a V6 hybrid engine developing 400bhp.  The petrol engine will be placed in the middle of the car and the two electric motors at the front.  The car will be an all-wheel drive.


Apparently we will get a preview of what the latest NSX will look like in the new Avengers movie.  The original model, launched in 1990, developed a cult following.  It was designed to be faster than a Ferrari 348, more reliable and better suited to everyday use.  Ayrton Senna was involved in the development of the car's chassis.

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