International Agreement Could Boost Electric car Uptake

The European Union, the United States and Japan have signed a new international agreement that could help to clear the way for widespread acceptance of electric cars by the general public.  The signing ceremony took place in Geneva a few days ago.


The agreement will see the creation of two working groups that will soon start working on addressing the major concerns hindering international acceptance of electric vehicles: environmental regulations and safety.


The initiative has the support of the European Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA, and the Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, Tourism and Transport of Japan.


The group will attempt to converge international standards and regulations affecting EVs.  This, they hope, will bring about economies of scale for car manufacturers and thereby boost acceptance of this type of vehicle by the general public.


Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Union, said "This is a crucial step towards the development and reach out of electric cars.  The regulatory cooperation agreement will help to increase the market potential for this important breakthrough technology, contributing for competitiveness and a more sustainable road transport."


The two working groups will be accessible to all countries forming part of the relevant United Nations agreement, including China and India.


The first group will address safety issues related to electric cars and their components.  It will also study the safety of occupants after accidents and when recharging the battery in order to prevent electric shocks.


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