Jaguar Land Rover Honoured by SMMT

It seems that Jaguar Land Rover is regularly in the news nowadays - and for all the right reasons.  It was only a week ago that the company made newspaper headlines with an incredibly efficient diesel engine and now the car manufacturer has again made headlines because it was honoured by the Society of Motor Manufacturers.


The SMMT has honoured the company's Range e plug-in hybrid diesel-electric vehicle with an award for automotive innovation.


The system made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year.  It combines a 14.2kWh lithium-ion battery with a 60kW motor.  In fully electric mode the vehicle has a range of about 20 miles.  For longer trips the hybrid diesel drive-train kicks in seamlessly.


CO2 emission levels are very acceptable at only 89g/km.  So is the car's fuel economy, which the company claims to be 85 miles per gallon.  The top speed of 120 miles per hour should be more than sufficient for most car owners.


Paul Everitt, the Chairman and Chief Executive of SMMT, says the vehicle will meet the demands of the average consumer.


He added "Jaguar Land Rover has engineered and manufactured a highly efficient and technologically advanced prototype vehicle that clearly demonstrates industry's commitment to lowering vehicle emissions and creating exciting products for demanding consumers."


He went on to applaud the cutting-edge design and engineering that went into the development of the new vehicle.

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