Jay-Z Wants a new car - an Armoured SUV!

What do you think a world-renowned rap artist would drive?  An Aston Martin V12 Zagato, perhaps, or a Koenigsegg Agera?  Well, if that is where your mind was going, you are wrong on both counts.  At least as far as top rap star Jay-Z is concerned.

Jay-Z has never made any secret of the fact that he is addicted to cars and has even managed to trash a few luxury vehicles in his time.  However, he's after something this time that might be more suited to a war-torn combat zone than New York City, where the rapper and his delectable wife, Beyonc©, live.  Jay-Z is in the market for nothing less than an armoured vehicle - the Dartz Prombon, an armoured SUV designed by the distinctly far-out Latvian car manufacturer Dartz.

The vehicle apparently protects against rocket launchers and AK-47s.  New York has a reputation for street crime in a few areas, but has it really got that bad?  The car is strangely handsome, in a curiously menacing kind of way.  The rapper can choose between ten different interior treatments, including a choice of whale, elephant, chameleon, crocodile or snake skins and a range of different matte or carbon fibre trims.  It also comes loaded with eight cameras.  Multiple protection levels are available depending on the model selected.

Maybe Jay-Z's heightened interest in security is related to his wife's pregnancy: this guy is taking protecting his family very seriously.  Then perhaps all of us do; it is just that we do not usually have to contend with millions of fans homing in on our spouses.

Author - Louise Hutchinson

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