Largest Ever Electric Car Parade on National Plug-in Day

Sunday 16th October 2011 was National Plug-in Day in the US again. More than 200 drivers took part in a grand parade of electric cars in Santa Monica, California.


The organisers claim that this yearƒ­s parade was the biggest ever and that it is also the biggest grassroots electric vehicle event in the US. Although the Santa Monica parade was the biggest, it was by no means the only one in the US; similar events took place in 20 other US cities.


To make things a little more interesting there were not only electric cars on display, but also the ceremonial plugging-in of new EVs, lectures and 'tailpipe free'­ parties.


The event was the brainchild of Plug-in America, a well-know electric vehicle advocate group. Both legacy and new plug-in electric cars from manufacturers as diverse as Nissan, General Motors, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Smart, Tesla and Coda could be seen in the parade as it moved through downtown Santa Monica.


One of the guest speakers was director Chris Paine. His film Revenge of the Electric Car will start showing in theatres towards the end of October.


At a press conference before the start of the parade, Plug-in America co-founder Paul Scott said "Only a few years ago, major automakers were literally crushing electric cars. Today, virtually every auto company in the world is selling or developing a plug-in car."

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