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The Ferrari California is not the most expensive or even the latest model in the Ferrari range, so under normal circumstances there would be no particular reason for us to write about it.  That is, unless a very famous lady decides to go on a Friday shopping spree to her local Ferrari dealership.

That is exactly what Paris Hilton recently did: she went out for tea with her friends and on the way back decided to visit her nearest Ferrari outlet where she bought herself a Ferrari California – as an early Christmas gift, we assume.

Although the 460 HP California is by no means an ordinary car, we still cannot quite figure out why she did not rather buy herself a Ferrari 459 Italia Spyder.  This 570bhp monster machine is, after all, Ferrari’s latest and greatest roadster model.

Perhaps she was just getting tired of super-fast cars since she recently received a 560bhp Lexus LF-A as a gift on her 30th birthday.  It might also be that the Ferrari dealership had a bad month and gave her a really good deal.

Whatever the case, this lovely, sleek sports car has now taken its place among the array of beautiful automobiles already owned by the superstar.

In other celebrity car news, Mike Sorentino bought himself a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with the personalised number plate GTL – an acronym for “Gym, Tan, Laundry” we guess.  Also, we think it is safe to say that Mike did not need any car finance to buy the car.

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