Latest Euro NCAP Test Results

The latest Euro NCAP results might not surprise many car lovers - there are very few rotten apples left in the car market after all.  All of the entries passed the test with flying colours and were awarded a five-star rating, except one: the Lancia Voyager.  The Lancia Thema did, however, make the five-star list.


The overall leaders of the pack turned out to be the BMW-1 series, Audi Q3 and Zafira Tourer.


What many observers find quite worrying is that most of these cars would have failed the safety test if the stricter requirements that come into place in 2012 were used.  From next year cars would need to score 60% or more in the "pedestrian protection" category before they can be awarded five stars.  Currently this is only 40%.


Only four out of the 12 cars tested would have passed the 2012 test - the BMW 1-series, the Toyota Yaris, the Ford Ranger and the Mercedes M-Class.


Every single one of the other cars tested received less than 60% in the pedestrian protection category.  Three cars, in fact, received a rating of less than 50% in this department: the Lancia/Chrysler Voyager, the Hyundai Veloster and the Chevrolet Captiva.


The highest individual score in this department was that of the Ford Ranger with 81%, followed by the BMW 1-series with only 63%.


The Hyundai Veloster fared the best in the "Child Occupant" department with a rating of 89% - a fact you should perhaps consider next time you are in the market, especially if you have children.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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