Lotus Urban car to be Cheaper Than Aston Martin Cygnet

If you simply cannot scrape together the money for an Aston Martin Cygnet yet, you might be delighted to hear that Lotus plans a city car that will be about £2,000 cheaper.  It should start appearing on showroom floors in 2015 - a year after a similar super-mini from Lotus's parent company, Proton is due for release.


Dany Bahar, the boss of Lotus, told AutoExpress "There's no point in trying to fight the MINIs, and the small BMWs and Audis unless you have a special offering.  Our car will be an EV or range extended EV and will offer performance of no other small car."


Although the new vehicle will first be released as a Proton, Bahar insists that it will be no problem to switch it to a Lotus when the time comes.  He is also confident that the Lotus version will warrant the inflated price tag.


Bahar also confirmed that his company's ambitious five-year plan was on schedule.  He says the new Esprit will be ready for its March 2013 debut at the Geneva Motor Show and that it will start appearing on showroom floors by July of that year.  The name Esprit, he added, will always refer to a hybrid - as will be the case with the convertible version.  This will, however, not be the case with performance versions, where less weight and more power are crucial.


Bahar also used the opportunity to confirm that he will remain at Lotus for at least the next four years.

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