Mazda Publishes More Information About SkyActiv

Those of you who are interested in green technology are no doubt already aware of Mazda­s new groundbreaking range of SkyActiv diesel and petrol engines. The company recently hosted a media workshop during which it provided more information about the rest of its SkyActiv technologies.


To start off there is the 6-speed automatic SkyActiv transmission. This combines the benefits of a conventional automatic transmission with a continuously variable double clutch. At the heart of the new technology is a 6-speed torque converter combined with a lock-up clutch for all 6 gears. Mazda describes this as a «full range direct drive.­


The early lock-up between the transmission and the engine allows the torque converter to eliminate much of the usual power loss during acceleration. According to Mazda this means better fuel consumption: up to 7% less than the previous model.


Mazda also announced a 6-speed SkyActiv-MT manual transmission. This will come in two different versions depending on engine torque. The aim here was weight reduction. Mazda claims that the new gearbox weighs up to 16% less than its predecessor. The revolutionary design means there is no separate idling shaft and a much shorter countershaft.


The company has even developed a special SkyActiv body weighing 8% less than the previous one. The chassis is also a full 14% lighter than its predecessor.


The focus, the company says, was on a strong, lightweight body structure. The chassis features reduced weight while providing more rigidity than the older model.

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