Milan Bans Cars on Sunday

Given the current levels of pollution in our atmosphere, everyone should accept that he or she also has a responsibility towards the environment.  In the very distant future we might all be driving clean green machines, but right now simply eliminating unnecessary trips might be all you need to do to help the environment.


Take the Italian city of Milan, for example: the Town Council has decided to banish cars from the city's roads for ten hours on Sunday in an attempt to cut air pollution levels.  With Milan being one of the most polluted cities in Europe something had to be done and while not everyone might agree with what they are doing, at least they are doing something to try and curb pollution.


The city began imposing trial bans a few years ago in 2007 says the BBC.  At the moment the ban is imposed when pollution levels go beyond statutory limits for longer than 12 days.


On Sunday no cars will be allowed to enter the city between the hours of 8am and 6pm Italian time.  The Corriere della Sera newspaper claims this will affect about 120,000 drivers.


A ban on vehicles with very high emission levels has already been in place since Thursday.


The last time a full ban was in place was eight months ago.  It is imposed when pollution levels go beyond 50 micrograms/m3 for more than 12 days.


Some people in Milan disagree with the ban and called on the government to rather direct their efforts towards convincing people to use public transport.

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