Mitsubishi Plans Broader Product Range

Mitsubishi dealers in the UK will soon get a new Mirage international small car to sell, in addition to a new ASX plug-in hybrid car.  In 2013 there will be a new Outlander as well.  The company has also decided to take steps to change its image as a manufacturer of sports cars such as the Evo and big four-wheel drive models.

The MD of Mitsubishi in the UK, Lance Bradley, said “These are great cars to have but we also have to note that our customers, and potential customers, are more environmentally aware.”

He said that Mitsubishi was working with their dealer network to get the message to consumers.  An example is that in the company’s factory in Holland all production was carried out by robots, so the lights were turned off permanently – robots do not need light, after all.

He added that bringing out a small car was very important for Mitsubishi.  Pricing negotiations with the factory were already underway.

Bradley also said that Mitsubishi planned to have a hybrid or electric version of all their cars in the future.  He expressed confidence that the company could achieve this before any other UK carmaker.

In other news from the Tokyo Motor Show Subaru has announced that it will introduce a new BRZ Coupe with rear-wheel drive to the UK market.  The car will be the result of a joint engineering project with Toyota.

Interested UK buyers will be able to get their first car loan deals on the new car by July 2012.

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