Motorways to get Train Signs

Not even the best car deal can help you once you are on the road - stuck in one of our notorious traffic jams.  Motorways are, in fact, soon to get signs informing drivers about the benefits of switching to rail transport if a new set of proposals by the Department for Transport becomes official policy.  This forms part of a Government report that saw the light a week ago.


The travel tips would be displayed on an electronic message board on sections of motorways that are particularly prone to traffic jams and where there are nearby rail links.


The train's time to destination will also be shown clearly says the Department for Transport, in its report.  The proposal must first be approved by the Secretary of State before the end of the year before it becomes official.  It was contained in the Department's latest Traffic Signs Policy Review.


According to the document a public survey showed that more than 50% of respondents approved of the idea of rail-friendly signs.  Unfortunately it later emerged that only 201 people were consulted during this "public survey."


Other changes contained in the proposal include signs to remind motorists to switch off their vehicles' engines in heavy traffic.  In an effort to avoid "cluttered" street signs, these will be removed where road markings could do the job equally well.


To remove the need for poles, councils in London would soon have the authority to "place traffic signs on private property without the consent of the property holder."


Depending on how successful this is in London, this rule could soon become the norm throughout the UK.


Author - Louise Hutchinson

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