New Jaguar Cabriolet on the Way

The motoring press has published pictures showing that Jaguar is indeed working on a cabriolet version of the fiery new Jaguar XR-S.  Journalists caught the bright red prototype car being tested at Nurburgring in Germany.  Despite Jaguar having blacked out the front bumper, it is still very clear that the car is in fact an XR-S.


The company showcased the SKR-S Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show a few months ago and ever since then there has been a lot of rumours doing the rounds that a convertible was on the way.  This is the first time such a car was actually spotted by journalists though.


The front end of the cabriolet is identical to that of the coupe: chunky bodywork, a down-turned front grille and vents on the bonnet's edge.  What gives away its identity are the four exhausts and the fixed wing at the back.


However, it is the engine that really makes this car different from the standard XKR.  Apparently it will be the same supercharged 5-litre V8 engine delivering 542bhp we saw in the Coupe.  Similar to the Coupe it will also feature an active differential, redeveloped suspension and adaptive damping to improve handling compared to the standard XKR model.


The Coupe is priced at £97,000.  To get the convertible in your driveway, you are going to need a hefty bank balance or cash to the value of £105,000.  This makes it the most expensive Jaguar since the days of the XJ220.

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