New Luxury British SUV to Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

The motoring press has leaked sketches of a brand new British SUV that will premier at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Details are thin on the ground right now, but what we can say is that the car is being built by a company called Eternity Motors.


It will go under the name of Hemera and it will be aimed at the top end of the SUV market to compete with large SUVs from the Bentley and Lagonda stables.


Manufacturing will take place in London, where the company apparently already has secured facilities.  In case you need to get your money in place: the car will cost well over £100,000.


A company spokesperson told Auto Express "The car will enter the very top end of the luxury SUV market, and will place an emphasis on bespoke values.  There will be a very high level of specification even on base models."


He added that there would also be huge scope to customise your particular car.


To enable the fledgling manufacturer to get off the ground it will initially build the car on an existing platform.  The Porsche Cayenne has been mentioned in this regard.  Once it has established a place for itself in the market, Eternity hopes to build its own cars from scratch.


Who exactly is funding Eternity?  All the company spokesman was prepared to say is that it was "an international group of investors with collective experience in high-level luxury and sports car brands."


The Hemera will debut at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show.

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