New Wireless Technology for Electric Cars

The Frankfurt Motor Show is not only about showcasing new cars – it also provides companies with a chance to showcase related technologies that might change the way we look at motor vehicles and it gives those in the car finance industry a peak into the future of the automotive industry.

At the latest show Delphi Automotive illustrated to the world that it is possible to charge an electric car using a wireless charging system.  The company displayed several test cars fitted with this technology, supplied by WiTricity Corporation.

First test results are promising: the system’s performance seems to meet car manufacturers’ requirements.

The system is based on what the company calls “sharply resonant strong coupling.”  It can transfer electricity in an efficient manner even over a distance that is several times the size of the source and capture device.

The other systems on which rival companies are working concentrate on conventional inductive charging.  They only work over a short distance and require precise parking alignment.  This, says Delphi, will make it impractical for use on electric cars.

Delphi’s charging source on the other hand can even be buried in the pavement.  It will not be negatively affected by environmental factors.  It is also much more tolerant when it comes to the parking position of the vehicle on top of the charger and there are no moving parts that have to be accommodated.

The system will automatically transfer the charge to the electric car’s battery at a rate of 3.3kW.  It can function with the lightest and smallest modules possible, which will minimise overall cost and weight.

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