Nissan GT-R Spec M Spied by Motoring Press

Let us face it: most of us cannot buy the car of our dreams.  To keep the car expenses to a minimum, we have to compromise - but that does not stop us from dreaming of a car such as the Nissan GT-R.


As if the GT-R is not desirable enough, Nissan had to go and make things even better by releasing a SpecM version of the car.  The motoring press has published the first spy shots of the SpecM and believe me - it is a dream car.


From outside it is only the new bumpers that distinguish the SpecM from the GT-R.  Although the outside might not look radically different from the standard GT-R, under the bonnet and inside the cabin you will find a host of modifications that turn an already desirable car into a true dream machine.


Those of you who are familiar with the SpecV will know that it was designed with one thing in mind: speed.  In direct contrast to this, the SpecM was built with something else in mind: comfort.  The suspension has been completely revised, which will make the car a lot more comfortable over long distances.  There are also more comfortable seats and the interior is more luxurious and less sporty than that of the SpecV.  The audio and multimedia system is also of a very high quality.


The new model will be powered by the same 3.8 litre V6 engine we saw in the SpecV, which means that, although you will get a lot of extra luxury equipment, you will not lose much in terms of performance.


Author- Louise Hutchinson

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