Nissan to Distribute Free Chargers

There's an old saying that goes "You get nothing for free and very little for a penny". That is very much the case in the motor car industry at present.


Japanese car manufacturer Nissan wants to change this situation quite dramatically by setting up a Europe-wide network of recharging stations where motorists can get a quick charge for their EVs ± and they are giving it away for free to charging operators.


The company plans to give away 400 of the quick charging stations to electric vehicle charging operators all over Europe. These have been developed in line with the Charge to Move standard and can produce up to 50kW of high voltage DC electricity. The standard was agreed on by a number of Japanese carmakers, including Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and Fuji Heavy Industries.


The quick charging stations will also be able to handle AC electricity, which will be vital when Nissan­s partner company Renault arrives on the scene.


Nissan­s chargers, when they­re not free, are at least significantly smaller and cheaper than ever before. The company wants tens of thousands of them in place all over Europe by 2015. As part of its expansion plans the company has already signed agreements with a number of leading European EV infrastructure companies in an effort to speed up the distribution of these chargers.


The new charging points will allow owners of electric cars to recharge the lithium-ion batteries to 80% of their capacity within half an hour.

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