Nissan to Launch Sporty Versions of Current Models

Nissan has announced plans to manufacture a new range of cars consisting of sportier versions of current models.  The company will do this by expanding its NISMO performance division.  The performance and tuning expertise the company gained on the racetrack will in future be applied to Nissan road cars.

The aim of this is to establish Nissan as a performance brand in Europe and the UK, similar to BMW with its “M Sport” range of cars.  Mainstream Nissan cars will in future be even more fun to drive and more exciting than before.

The President of NISMO, Shoichi Miyatani, said “Nismo adds even more excitement and innovation to Nissan products.  We now plan to inject that style and excitement into other models in the Nissan range.”

NISMO stands for Nissan Motorsports International Company.  It was founded way back in 1984 and has since built racing cars for Le Mans and other similar races.  It was also involved in the production of a number of sporty road models for markets outside Europe and the UK.

In 2011 Nissan GT-R racing cars developed by NISMO won the Drivers’ title in the FIA GT1 World Championships as well as the Team and Drivers’ titles in the Japanese SUPER GT championships.

The company has already announced the first car to form part of the programme – the Juke Nismo Concept.  The car has a special pearl white colour scheme with red highlights, a sporty suspension and a direct injection 1.6 turbo engine.  Sorry guys, but you will not be able to get a car loan on one of these anytime soon!

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