Office of Fair Trade Fully Backs Motor Codes

The current hardships many consumers have to face have made it even more vital that when they buy a vehicle they should have peace of mind about their purchase and the service they will receive in future.


With this in mind the Office of Fair Trading has given its full support to Motor Codes for its Service and Repair Code.  This means that garages who subscribe to the programme will now be allowed to display the OFT logo next to the Motor Codes tick - which should go a long way to reassuring motorists.


The Service and Repair Code saw the first light of day three years ago, following the success of the OFT-approved New Car code.  It underlines the success of self-regulation in the industry.


The Director of Consumer Policy at the Office of Fair Trade, Colin Brown, described the OFT's decision as "one of the most important developments in consumer protection in car service and repair for many years."


The Managing Director of Motor Codes, Chris Mason, echoed his sentiments.  He said that the Service and Repair Code was developed at the Government's request in order to raise consumer confidence through improved service standards.


He said "This announcement sends a clear message that€¦ our network of garages delivers real peace of mind for the consumer."


Central to the success of the Motor Codes programme is consumer feedback.  Every motorist is requested to give the service quality he received a rating - which is then published online where prospective customers can see it.

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