Petrol Prices the Lowest in Nine Months

According to the AA, petrol prices have declined to their lowest level in nine months.‚  There is, however, a clear divide in how much motorists in the north and the south of the country are paying.


The current average price at the pump is 132.54p a litre.‚  We have not seen this level since March and it is 1.16p lower than a month ago.


Across London and the south-east of the country, however, motorists are on average paying 133.55p a litre, while their counterparts in the north of the country only pay 131.63p.


If you drive a diesel car, you are out of luck: the average price of diesel has gone up from 140.95p to 141.15p a litre since the middle of November.


The AA says that the average price of petrol this year was 133.83p per litre, while the diesel price averaged out at 139.17p.‚  To put this into perspective: the average price of petrol was 117.36p/litre last year and the average price of diesel 119.75p/litre.


Edmund King, the President of the AA, said that it will anger most motorists that pump prices "remain artificially high" in many places.‚  He ascribed this to a lack of transparency in the way fuel prices were calculated.


King added "Only when such glaring regional disparities as we've seen this month emerge or prices between neighbouring towns vary by as much as 4p a litre do motorists know that something is wrong."

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