Peugeot Reveals HX1 Concept Car

If you are a Peugeot fan and your current car is nearing its end, you will be glad to hear that the company has announced its HX1 Concept car - a striking six-seater that offers a brand new take on the MPV.  The car will make its debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.


The new model is wider and longer than a BMW X5, but slightly lower than the 1-series.  It builds on the DS5's example by offering the same people carrying abilities as a SUV in a much sportier design.


With its stubby bonnet and short overhangs the car aims to blend a sleek design with a roomy interior.  According to Peugeot the concept car is not only a preview of future design trends at the car manufacturer: it also provides the first glimpse of a luxurious MPV that will go on to production stage.


The exterior of the car was developed with two things in mind: aesthetics and aerodynamics.  That explains the amazingly low drag coefficient of 0.28.  At the front of the car we see the same floating grille as on the HR1 and SR1, but this is now flanked by aggressive lower air intakes and narrow LED headlamps.


At first sight the HX1 might not look like a revolutionary design - until you come upon the doors.  All four doors open outwards and upwards in an impressive scissor style, making access to the interior of the vehicle extremely easy.


The new Peugeot is powered by the same Hybrid4 system we have already seen in the RXH and 3008.


Author- Louise Hutchinson

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