Pike Predicts Massive Investment in Intelligent Transportation

One thing is fairly certain: when you sign up for a deal on a new car ten years from now the car in question will be very different from the gas-guzzling monsters that are often still polluting our roads.


Pike Research predicts that four key transport sectors - public transportation systems, traffic management systems, vehicle-to-vehicle systems and smart charging for plug-in EVs - will receive massive investments over the next couple of years.


The company has issued a report stating that the total investment in these sectors will amount to $13.2 billion by 2017 and that yearly spending will increase to $3 billion.  The annual combined spending in these four sectors by the end of 2011 will still only be $770 million.


Pike says demand for intelligent transportation systems will grow not only in developing countries, but also in already established economies.  In developing countries these systems will be incorporated into the new transportation infrastructure and in developed countries they will help to maximise the efficiency of the existing transport infrastructure.


Traffic management systems in particular are expected to draw a large percentage of these investments.  Pike predicts that by 2017 nearly every major city on earth will make use of a real-time traveller information system.


The biggest single investment will, however, be in the smart charging sector.  Pike expects sales of plug-in vehicles to reach 5.19 million during the next six years - despite its humble beginnings.  This means that massive amounts will have to be invested to grow and improve the current EV charging infrastructure.

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