Plug-in Cars to be Very Successful in Smaller States

Plug-in cars should enjoy excellent sales growth during the next few years - especially in smaller states across the U.S.


New research carried out by Pike Research shows that a total of 358,959 of these cars will be sold every year within the next six years - an annual compound growth rate of 43% between now and 2017.  Pike has also created a computerised model to predict in which geographic locations these cars will sell best.


According to this model the U.S. states with the highest populations will see the biggest sales volumes: Florida, New York and California.  In terms of percentage of total car sales, however, it will be the smaller states that fair the best, with Oregon, Hawaii, Delaware and Washington DC being among the top states when it comes to market penetration.


Pike's model further forecasts that cumulative sales of plug-in electric cars across Florida, New York and California will amount to 101,530, 146,242 and 366,099 respectively by 2017, which represents 2.8%, 3.7% and 5.4% of the total number of cars sold in each respective state.


Hawaii, which has the doubtful privilege of enjoying one of the highest petrol prices in the United States, will see plug-in electric vehicle sales reach 6.3% of total car sales by 2017.

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