Police Catch Social Car Thieves

A couple of car thieves have been arrested by police after posting photos of themselves posing with stolen cars on a social networking site. 18-year-old Aaron Wilhelm and 20-year-old Damon Keegan were first placed under arrest at Christmas 2010 after being linked to a burglary. While out on bail they proceeded to continue their criminal activities and were plotting a number of raids to steal luxury cars from across the Greater Manchester area. Their cunning plan was foiled, however, when the pair proved to be not quite as smart as they thought they were. They uploaded photographic evidence of their skulduggery on Facebook, together with a string of messages that also linked them to the thefts. 

A victim of one of their raids tipped police off to the evidence on the social networking site, where the profile picture of one of the thieves had been changed to one of him standing in front of the victim's stolen vehicle. After local authorities investigated, more images were also retrieved from the duo's phones, which linked them with yet more stolen cars.

"They believed they could get away with their crimes and were arrogant enough to post pictures of themselves posing with the vehicles on Facebook," says Detective Constable Paul Jackson from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). "However, it was only a matter of time before they were caught and faced justice."

While taking out a car warranty may not necessarily protect car owners from thieves, it can cover drivers for all electronic and mechanical parts that may be defective and cause the car to malfunction.

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