Porsche 928 Inspired Steve Jobs When Designing First Mac

The 5th October was a sad day for computer owners around the world. Even those who do not own an Apple Mac can appreciate the brilliance that went into the design of these computers and we all moan the death of the mastermind behind the Apple, Steve Jobs.


Many of us sometimes wonder how a mind like that works, what inspires a man like Job when he sits down and develops something that changes the world forever.


Andy Hertzfeld is one man that should be able to shed some light on that question. He was a member of the very first Apple development team and he still recalls a conversation between Jobs and the director of Creative Services at Apple, James Ferris, during a late night meeting in March 1981.


For some reason, Hertzfeld remembers, they were discussing cars. "It­s got to be different, different from everything else," said Jobs.


Jobs then went on to say that the new computer should have a classic style that will not date easily ± something like the Volkswagen Beetle. Ferris responded that it should rather have voluptuous lines, similar to a Ferrari.


The car comparison apparently excited Jobs. "Not a Ferrari, that­s not right either. It should be more like a Porsche!"  he said, perhaps thinking of his own Porsche 928.


Hertzfeld found the comparison with cars a little pompous, but he was nevertheless impressed by Jobs­ passion and powers of discrimination.


After that night Jobs went on to tirelessly create the Porsche of computers. Apple released the design for the first Mac 11 months later in February 1982.

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