Renault Announces Renaultsport Clio 200

Renault has announced a limited edition of its super-mini hot hatchback called the Renaultsport Clio 200 Raider. Only 50 of these cars will be manufactured for the UK market, so if you are thinking of signing up for an auto loan for one of them, you had better act quickly.

The car is fitted with a wide assortment of additional equipment that is bound to make any standard Clio owner very jealous.

No doubt the matt paintwork of the new model will not be to everybodyís liking. Buyers will be able to choose between Diavolo Red and Stealth Grey. The door mirrors, rear diffuser, front splitter, rear spoiler and roof get a contrasting black gloss finish. This treatment is repeated on the 18-inch alloy wheels with their Bridgestone RE 050A tyres.

The Raider shares the same chassis as the standard Renaultsport Clio with its low ride height and stiff dampers and springs. The steering is quicker and the Brembo brake callipers have been given a red finish. The special touches also include extra-tinted tailgate windows and rear wide windows and a Raider badge.

On the inside the car has been fitted with a white rev counter on the dashboard and leather Recaro seats. Renaultsport carpet mats, automatic climate control, a USC iPod port and Bluetooth come as standard equipment. To show off exactly how unique every car is, they will all be fitted a plate showing the carís number in the production run.

Mechanically there will be no differences between the Raider and the standard car.

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