Scottish Government Creates Fund for low Carbon Cars

The Scottish Government has announced it will make available another £4.2 million to public bodies to stimulate the development of low carbon vehicles.


The announcement was made by Alex Neil, the Cabinet Secretary for Capital Investment and Infrastructure.


The aim is to help Scotland reach its target of reducing emission levels by 42% within nine years.


The Government also made available £4.3 million last year to help authorities replace internal combustion cars with "green" alternatives.  Public services in Scotland used the money to buy 145 low-carbon vehicles - including street sweepers, vans and cars.  They also installed 74 charging points across Scotland.


Mr Neil said "This extra funding will allow local authorities and their community planning partners to bridge the gap between the cost of petrol or diesel powered vehicles and their electric powered equivalents, and help drive down air-polluting emissions."


He added that this type of funding was vital for Scotland, which has set world leading targets for cutting emission levels and tackling climate change.


The money is intended to help cover the additional cost involved in buying electric vehicles.  The programme covers most type of hybrids and electric vehicles, including small vans, cars, street sweepers and HGVs.


The funds may also be utilised to cover the installation cost of charging points to bolster the use of electric cars.  This forms part of the "Plugged in Places" scheme run by the UK government.

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