Scuderi Raises the bar When it Comes to Emission Standards

If all the new production models and concept cars that will make their debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show are anything to go by, car traders are going to have their hands full after the show.


One of the latest exhibitors that is likely to draw a lot of public attention is Scuderi.  This is after a computer simulation was carried out that suggested that this relatively unknown company's split-cycle engine might well be streets ahead of the rest of the European pack when it comes to "high economy" vehicles.


According to the data the air-hybridised/turbocharged Scuderi engine will have amazing fuel consumption - in the region of 3.7 litres per 100km, while emissions figures will be way below average at 85 gram per kilometre.


Comparable vehicles achieve an average of 4.5 litres per 100km and have CO2 emission levels of 104 gram per kilometre.


The comparison was carried out on ten typical four-seater small cars, including the Fiat 500, Audi A1 and Toyota AYGO.  All of the other cars were fitted with the most economic engine available for that particular model.


The Southwest Research Institute used these figures to calculate an industry average with which to compare the Scuderi engine.


The engine combines two high-pressure strokes - power and compression.  It achieved its lowest rate of fuel consumption when utilising a turbo charger in so-called "Miller Cycle" configuration.


According to the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and European Operations for Scuderi, Lutz Deverling, this is only the beginning.  He says the company is currently researching technologies that will result in further savings.

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